If you were a rich industrialist, the answer would be to clean your roof every season that something fell. Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to clean that often. Instead, the key is to clean just enough that you can wait and spend just enough not to damage your roof. It is impossible to know exactly when and how to clean a roof before it is necessary. For a quick answer, get your roof cleaned by a professional every 1-3 years. The following issues and situations will make your cleaning jobs by a professional more often.

Lots Of Trees? Clean More Often

If your roof sits under trees that continually drop leaves and debris onto your roof you need to get a professional to clean everything off and make sure that there is no damage. Anyone can take a broom to some leaves on a shallow sloped roof. However, it takes a professional that is bonded and reliable to get up on a high-pitched roof clean it and determine if any of the tiles or seals have been damaged due to falling debris. The most leaves and debris fall during the fall/winter, and after storms. However, summers can still drop lots of seeds, fruits, peddles, and seed pods. So, depending on your roof’s positioning, you may need to get a pro on the roof more often as compared to a roof under a clear sky.

High Humidity Climate? Clean More Often

Water will also damage your roof. The more material and water on your roof, the more damage will occur over time due to rot, mold, and mildew. If you live in a dry climate like the American Southwest, then you don’t need to worry as much. However, if you live where it is moist most of the day you might as well be living in the Amazon. You will need a pro to get on your roof to remove the moisture damage and excess water.

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