Hire A Professional To Make The Call

Whether or not pressure washing alone will clean your concrete surfaces, like a driveway or polished garage floor, depends on the type of dirt and filth that exists. An expert professional is the best individual to make that call. Their team will be able to determine if just water is needed or if something more powerful. Powerful in this case doesn’t mean higher pressures. On the contrary, more powerful usually means lower pressures of water but with the addition of soaps and detergents to the mix. Higher pressures applied at close range to the surface of the concrete will actually cause more damage than benefit. Pressure washing is still a viable option but needs to be applied to the surface in a way that is effective and efficient without etching the concrete. You don’t want to see lines in your surface that is freshly carved, ruining the level parking spot. Get a professional so that you don’t have to answer any of these questions.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing, when the professional tells you about it, uses a mixture of different types of laundry detergents to lift the grease and mold off the surface to disinfect the concrete, instead of just bashing it with a hammer, i.e. pressure washing. This mixture is made up of water, detergent (in the form of a surfactant), and bleach to kill the mold and bacterial growths. The surface is scrubbed with a scrub brush and hosed down to rinse the soap off. No high pressure is needed. Only a medium high to low pressure is used.

What is Pressure Washing?

High pressure is still a viable option but only at the discretion of a professional and from a distance that won’t damage the surface of your driveway. This should be used not to clean baking on mold but looser material that can be easily detached and washed away.

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